Save The Hacker

March 5, 2014
product reviews, sentiment analysis

Sentiment analysis on product reviews is our idea for “Save the Hacker” hackathon. Our basic goals were to


For the hackathon, we chose to proceed only with

And Panda(we felt that Pandas are cool, so named it Panda) came to life in the next 30 hours

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The entire first time process of scrapping all the reviews from Amazon and Flipkart, doing sentiment analysis on them was time consuming process. So we chose only two products Galaxy Note 3 and Nokia Lumia 1520 for the demo.


This is the comparison of sentiment analysis of customer reviews on Amazon and Flipkart. We also done sentiment analysis on tweets regarding this product. The twitter data only captures the sentiment on products.


We considered battery, display, RAM and storage as static features that will be analyzed. These are based on reviews from Amazon, Flipkart and tweets that spoke about these features.


This is the day by day analysis based on tweets