Sensation 101

September 24, 2013

I had been using smart phone for more than three years. I was an addict to my smart phone. My precious time was feeding whatsapp, facebook, games, videos, and every free application on the play store at least once. Six months back I switched from HTC Sensation to Nokia 101 in an attempt to experience the days without much intervention of mobile phones in my hand. I chose Nokia 101 because it was a primitive phone which can play mp3 files and support 4GB SD card. It was not a bad choice any day. I have never turned on my HTC Sensation since that day.

The initial few days were horrible with out having a smartphone in hand. The worst part was I had to give reason to everyone who saw me with 101 but in a week it felt so good to be around without a smartphone in hand. Still, a week was not sufficient to jump to any conclusion. So I waited for 6 months to analyze the its effect in myself. Now, here I am listing out the pros and cons.


  • Battery - Charge your phone once and carry it around for 3 days
  • No wastage of time with games and organizing things (seriously gaming sucks at small screen)
  • No unnecessary chats - Call if you want to talk to friends
  • Better social life outside - No more looking the world through the tiny screen
  • No more office mails when I chill out


  • Performance - the call quality is not on par with smart phones
  • Inbox size - have to constantly delete messages to provide space for new ones
  • Missing navigation(often) and camera(rarely)

My phone stopped working two days back. My life didn’t get affected. I didn’t feel like I am missing a hand from my body. It is a good result :)

My next experiment is to get a smartphone and see if I can stay away from games, facebook, twitter etc. and leverage its presence with its features like navigation, emails and occasional snaps.

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